When is it useful to hire an industrial designer?

The services of an Industrial Designer are required when you creating an innovative product that solves the needs of particular group of users. Whether you creating small quantities, or mass producing, the Industrial Designer will design a tested, verified and attractive product so that your investment will have the right response on the market.

When do I need to hire an Industrial Designer?

If you are asking yourself the following questions, you likely need to hire an Industrial Designer. They will certainly help you understand the needs of the actors involved and in their evaluation through an enlightened use of Design Thinking, in defining the winning strategy for the product and in drafting a Value Briefing that can structure the search for the solution for the new product.

Which strategy do you choose?

Do you want to create a brand new product or do you want to breathe life into an existing range? Or maybe you want to create a product for a new market?

How do you write valuable brief?

Are you sure you know and understand user needs and all of the market opportunities? Are you sure you are giving all the right inputs to the Designer?

Defining a product briefing is the most crucial moment in the strategy for a successful new product.

What does your customer really want?

How do you make sure your product is truly desirable? Are you sure you know what your product needs to do to make your customer’s life easier?

How to translate an idea into a product?

Having a valuable Brief in hand is not enough to obtain a successful product. You need an Industrial Designer who knows how to accompany you through the creative and technological path in translating all the project needs into a concrete solution.

The creation of prototypes for intermediate checks will help better understand, and possibly re-iterate the design process until a truly satisfactory solution is reached. The latter will be wisely optimized taking into account all regulatory and technological requirements and constraints, until a project can be achieved with the most suitable technologies.

An experienced Industrial Designer can also take care of product engineering and assist your Technical Department.

How to find a good designer?

If you are looking to hire an industrial designer, the best system is to search online for a designer or studio that demonstrates, with a portfolio of completed projects, that they have the ability to deal with the design of your product.

We advise not to specifically consider that he has already faced a product similar to yours, but that he has the right approach to the project and the right methodology to face the Design of your project.

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