What does an Industrial Designer do?

The Industrial Designer deals with the design of products such as furniture, cars, appliances, medical equipment or toys, etc. They consult with product managers and end users to understand product requirements; deal with suppliers, budgets and deadlines; and develop a product that can be mass-produced.

What does an industrial designer do?

These are the main steps that an industrial designer takes during a typical industrial design project.

The briefing

To deliver a great finished product, the Industrial Designer needs a clear and complete briefing. Starting from the briefing, he explores possible solutions using creative thinking, always keeping in mind the question: what should the product do for my client?

3D design and modeling

The Industrial Designer initially carries out his research with freehand drawing which, supported by the creative approach, helps to explore possible solutions for the product. He then uses 3D modeling on workstations, preferring solutions that are able to satisfy more needs with more simplicity and integration.

Integrated solutions tend to their natural beauty. The Designer uses shape in a conscious way thanks to his training and his experiences of formal exploration. Form and space follow the perceptive laws of our mind and only with a deep knowledge of these processes can we be sure of the psycho-perceptive qualities of the shape or beauty of an object.

The optimization of the shape

Once a satisfactory solution has been reached and accepted by the project stakeholders through the use of fast prototypes and rendering, the Designer addresses shape optimization. In this phase he interacts with the company and takes into account the production, regulatory and economic needs. Frequently the Industrial Designer proposes new alternative technologies more appropriate for production.

The Prototype and engineering

Once the product has been optimized it is possible to create a working prototype for its evaluation.

After this phase, we normally move on to product engineering which can be carried out by the Company’s Technical Department under the supervision of the Designer or by the Industrial Designer who has the skills.

How to find a good designer?

Today the best system is to search the Internet for an Industrial Designer or studio that demonstrates, with a portfolio of completed projects, that they have the ability to deal with the design of your product.

We advise not to specifically consider that he has already faced a product similar to yours, but that he has the right approach to the project and the right methodology to face the Design of your project.

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