What we do

We are a Milanese company specialized in Industrial Design.

We use VALUE BOOSTING DESIGN®: our unique 2-phase approach to user-centered innovation.

Value brief


1. User Centered Design

Value Brief Ideation

Design is a transversal approach. We work with you to understand the usage, production and distribution needs and put together a valuable brief.

User Experience & Value opportunities

Design is the result of interaction between the user and object.
Our aim is to differentiate and stand out from the crowd.

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  • Mapping

    Map your current offer

    Profitability and product cycle: Cash cow, Low performer, Early birds

Industrial design management


2. Industrial Design Management

Our experience allows us to confidently translate your inputs into new products.
Innovation to breed success.

Design research



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  • Design research

    After defining the Value Briefing, we translate the prior research into concrete and validated solutions, pursuing innovation, beauty and formal consistency.

    We develop a work program in phases and times that allows us to reach the final goal.

  • Optimization

    The chosen solution is defined and developed according to the internal layout, compliance with constraints and feasibility in relation to the materials and technologies adopted.

    In this phase we take care of developing and enhancing the Design intentions elaborated in the research phase.

  • Production

    The project is defined in all its construction details.

    When requested we take care of working prototype production.

    We are able to identify technology suppliers thanks to our vast network of consultants and suppliers.


IDA Bronze awards
Honorable Mention IDA Awards
SMAU awards
Turnkey awards, Turkey
Compasso d'Oro ADI award
Design Index Awards - ADI

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