Case Study: BVI/Optikon Industrial Design Medical Sector


improvements in user experience, optimization of the visibility of functions

Client: BVI/Optikon
Field: Medical Equipment
Services: Clients needs exploration, Design thinking, Industrial Design Research, Optimization
End product - revosmart

La nostra soluzione

Ergonomic solutions, clean shapes and integration of functional elements for a tool that
ouzes reliability and ease-of-use.

Revo - industrial design for medical profession
Medical surgeon

The project

The R-EVOsmart concept was a result of listening and observing usage needs of ophthalmologists and room assistants. It offered the opportunity to integrate innovative technologies with a compact, lightweight and easy-to-use design.


Design 1 - medical equipment for surgeon

Internal layout

Typological studies

Design 2
Design 3

First working prototypes

First working prototypes

Product development and optimization

Product development
and optimization

Study of the new trolley

This case study presents the tool combined with our new and unprecedented interpretation of the trolley, which represents the synthesis of the experiences gained by Micieli Design on Optikon instruments and working for other brands, respecting the need for a simple and light product.

We have designed an essential and open structure that offers an exceptional formal integration with the instrument until it appears as a whole, enhancing its qualitative impact in the operating environment.

Revosmart industrial design for medical equipment and doctors

Formal integration

BVI/Optikon Industrial Design for the medical sector
Product details
I have used a multitude of phaco systems,
but the R-Evo Smart stands out for its performance,
reliability, ease of use, and intuitive graphical interface,
all in a compact design.
Roberto Bellucci MD
Chief Ophthalmic Surgeon Verona

From “R-EVO SMART: Fusing performance and functionality in a compact system”
Web Magazine
June 2020

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